Bitcoin Window Earth (15pc)

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Our Bitcoins are a fun way to explore colours, sparkly goodness and stacking; doubling as stacking blocks with that little bit extra. Bitcoin windows are see thru.

Dimensions: 5x5x2.5cm.

They come presented in a gorgeous wooden tray.

The Bitcoins are made from Beech, the tray is Beech and Plywood (for the bottom)

Wood care instructions:

We aim to have the least amount of non-natural finish on our products.

Wood is a natural material and will dry out over time.

We mainly use food safe oil to bring out the colour in the wood, if your article starts to look like it needs some care it can simply be re-oiled. Coconut oil can be used or try a hardware for a food safe oil.

We want all our products to be safe for children to 'nibble' on or lick, so if you require a different finish on your wood, for instance more water proof or shiny, you can easily apply a varnish or stain, available from any hardware.