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Dolls Nappy Bag Set | Pink Gingham

Tiny Harlow
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Introducing Tiny Harlow's Dolls Nappy Bag Set, the perfect accessory for your little one's baby dolls! This set includes a nappy with secure velcro tabs, a soft and cushioned nappy changing mat, and a bib for mealtime messes.

This nappy bag set perfectly complements Tiny Harlow's Tiny Tummies food jars, making it easy to keep your baby doll well-fed and cared for. The side pocket is perfectly sized to hold the Tiny Tummies Magic Milk and Juice Bottles, ensuring that your little one's dolls never go thirsty.

The nappy bag is easy to use with its secure velcro closure, making it easy for your child to open and shut. This nappy bag set is the perfect addition to any doll collection, allowing your child to care for their dolls just like a real parent.

Order the Tiny Harlow's Dolls Nappy Bag Set today and give your child's dolls the care they deserve!