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Pocket Gratitude Journal

Tiger Tribe
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Pocket Gratitude Journal is a compact, pocket-sized journal designed to help kids focus on the positive aspects of their life by recording and reflecting on three things they are grateful for, each day.

Research shows that expressing gratitude (being thankful for people and situations) can improve physical and mental health and can provide a huge boost to well being too. 

Functional and fun, this mini journal is a great way to get started on the gratitude pathway. Each page provides a space to date, note down three things to be grateful for, something to look forward to and a selection of emoticons to circle and sum up the day’s feelings.

Journal pages are interspersed with bright positive affirmations, and fun stickers are included too. All contained in a handy little box to store away. 

  • Functional and fun, helps kids focus on the positive aspects of their life
  • Unplugged, battery and screen-free portable play
  • Great for gifting

Set Includes:

  • 64 page journal with illustrated affirmation pages,
  • 4 x sticker pages,
  • 1 x gel pen,
  • 1 x compact storage box

Suitable age 8+