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Water Marbles | Bulk

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Need more Water Marbles in your sensory play? These BULK Water Marble packs make a huge 10 Litres of Marbles. 

Your kids will love the sensory experience of these Water Marbles. Just add water and watch them grow before your eyes. Hours and hours of fun!

Sort them, count them, bounce them or just run your fingers through them. Totally addictive for both little and big kids!

Huckleberry Water Marbles are biodegradable and the bulk pack makes 10 Litres of Marbles.

They are packed right here in Australia.

Please note that this contains small parts and therefore, should be kept out of the reach of children under 4. The marbles present a choking hazard and should not be consumed. Please supervise use at all times.


  • Cover with water and soak for 4-6hrs (Tip: Soak the overnight so they are ready for play in the morning)
  • Drain Excess Water
  • Keeps for weeks in an airtight container
  • Add more water if they start to shrink


Marbles are non-toxic but not edible