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Motionova Racing Monowheel

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The MOTONOVA is a super cool racing monowheel that generates energy from the inertia of the flywheel. After force is applied, the magic flywheel stands up on its own and releases the power using rotational kinetic energy to drive the gearbox. It can stay balanced on a flat surface and will keep racing forward for up to 15 metres. By assembling it on your own, you can better understand the mechanisms of the gearbox. 

The transparent gearbox can be clearly seen so you can understand how the internal mechanism works while you are playing. Let it go and see how stable and how far it can go. You can try building obstacles with items like coloured pens to see if your MOTONOVA can knock them down. 

Fabulous STEM, educational toy - kids will have so much fun, they won't even notice that they are learning interesting scientific principles while playing.

For ages 8 years+.