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Potion Set with Board

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Mix up a potion of friendship and don't forget to sprinkle in a pinch of understanding and scoop of trust. 

Wonderful addition to your potion play or mud kitchen collection.

Product Size:

Board - 23.5 Long x 11cm Wide

Bowl - 7cm Wide x 2.5cm High

Spoon - 9cm Long

Cannister - 6cm High x 7cm Wide

Note: The size and shape of each item may vary as its a handmade product made from a natural material. 

Product Care:

  • Surface clean.
  • Wood can be wiped with coconut oil to rejuvenate if looking dry.

These products are lovingly handmade and created from natural materials. Therefore variation in colour and pattern may occur. Timber products will have their own unique characteristics and colour making them all the more beautiful. This is natural and unable to be controlled.