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Stevie The Shark

WWF Plush | Bon Ton Toys
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Did you know? 

A baby shark is called a pup. Depending on the species a shark pup can be born in three different ways: eggs are hatched inside the mother shark and then are born, the pup grows inside the mother or the mother shark can lay eggs.

Official WWF merchandise - this Eco-friendly collection is made from the finest and softest materials available and filled with a 100% recycled PET bottle filling.

Product Information:

Size - 25cm

Stuffing - 100% Recycled material

Suitable for all ages


After more than 25 years of success of the WWF Plush “Classic” Collection, we felt the need to extend the realistic plush collection with an imaginative and on-trend product line. WWF Cub Club was created with the goal of shaping a better world for all babies & toddlers.

We call them “The Club”. The collection is made from the softest materials available and is, with its 100% recycled stuffing, the most eco-friendly and ethically produced plush in the world.

For every plush sold, a 12% donation is made to WWF (in country of sales) to support local WWF conservation efforts .

Thank you for leaving a better world for our children!

Bon Bon Toys | Ethical Production:

Our factories are certified by the ethical supply chain program for toys and children’s products. ICTI is committed to build better lives for workers and stonier industry through the ethical production of toys by working with 9 standards:

• Working hours must not be excessive & overtime must be voluntary

• Legal and fair pay

• No child labor

• No forced or involuntary labor

• No discrimination

• Employees must be treated with dignity and respect

• Employees’ right of association must be observed

• Individual written labor contracts must be provided

• Working conditions are safe and employee health is not endangered