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Ball Rolling House

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This toy includes a sturdy house with four chunky balls. Children will love watching the balls roll through the house! This is also a great eye tracking toy for toddlers. The item is made from child-safe and non-toxic materials.

Through this activity children can also learn about cause and effect when they release the ball through each level in the house. This also encourages hand-eye coordination. Rolling activities increases a child’s curiosity which also encourage them to ask questions which in turn play an important role in language development. This activity promotes the development of children’s fine and gross motor skills as they pick up the balls and put it onto each track. Your child will love watching the ball roll down the tracks.

Approx dimensions: L25 x W16 x H35cms. Weight: 2.5kgs.

Recommended age: 18months+

Imagery By: @madriiana5