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Beginner Potion Master Kit

Kuddly Potion Bundles
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Not sure how to start your potion adventure? This starter set will get your little potion master bubbling along. 

The mini ingredient bowl & fizz bowl is perfect for fizz, biodegradable glitters or dried botanicals. The mini scoop is the perfect size for your potion masters to add water to their potions without flooding their bowls with water. Add ingredients with the mini ingredient spoons without dumping everyhting in one go. Helps to slow down the potion play experience.

Step into a world of limitless possibilities as your little ones embark on a magical journey with our incredible Wooden Potion Sets. Let their creativity soar as they concoct potions of friendship, bravery, kindness or just have fun making a witches brew and watching it bubble along. 

What magic and wonder will your little ones create with this incredible wooden potion set?

Set Items & Dimensions:

  • Potion Bowl - 10cm Wide x 6.5cm High

  • Fizz Bowl - 6cm Wide x 3.5cm High
  • Mini Ingredient Bowl - 4.5 cm Wide x 3cm High

  • Mini Ingredient Spoon - 9cm Long

  • Mini Scoop -11cm Long

  • Potion Stirrer - 15cm Long

  • 2 x Tumbled Crystals ( Colours and Sizes Vary)

  • Calico Bag

Note: The size and shape of each item may vary as it's a handmade product made from a natural material. All measurements are approximate. 


  • Food Safe.

  • Made from 100% Teak.

  • Sustainably sourced teak from the by-products of the furniture industry.

Product Care:

  • Surface clean.

  • Wood can be wiped with coconut oil to rejuvenate if looking dry.

These products are lovingly handmade and created from natural materials. Therefore variation in colour and pattern may occur. Timber products will have their own unique characteristics and colour making them all the more beautiful. This is natural and unable to be controlled.

To ensure the longevity of your wooden potion accessories, please do not leave them outside, as exposure to the elements may accelerate wear. We recommend hand washing potion accessories in mild soapy water after each potion session, followed by air drying. This will help preserve the quality and charm of your potion accessories so they can be passed on from sibling to sibling. 

Recommended Age:

Our Potion Kits are designed for children aged 5 years and older to explore the magic of imaginative play. Parental supervision is advised at all times to ensure a delightful and safe potion play experience. 

Please be aware that some components could pose a choking hazard, making it crucial to keep an eye on younger children during playtime.  

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