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Bike & Scooter Bell | Hand Painted | Crocodile

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Meet "Crikey", the Beep Crocodile Bike Bell!  Locally printed with durable eco-friendly and weather proof inks, the BeepCrocodile Bicycle Bell features a crocodile design with a toothy grin on a blue bell base.

His teeth are sharp but he has a heart of gold. The friendly sound of this Beep bike bell will let your friends know you’re coming!

Beep Bells make fun and functional gifts to take overseas or celebrate the Aussie flora and fauna on your own beloved bike, trike or scooter!

Tried & True. Stylish & Fun


  • A premium steel bell with an easy-to-push lever to make that classic, friendly sound. Ring it LOUD!
  • 58mm diameter bell, the optimal size for bicycles and scooters.
  • Long chrome-plated screws to accommodate all round handlebar diameters.
  • Hand-painted by professional artists with non-toxic paints in our Newcastle studio
  • Super simple installation
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is assembled, tested and sent to you with love and care.
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is hand-painted and may vary slightly from the bell in the photo, this ensures each Beep hand-painted bell is truly unique!

Installation & Care:

Install me on your bicycle:

  • Remove the screw from my bottom bracket.
  • Position me where you want me on your handlebar.
  • Close the bottom bracket and tighten up my screws.

Care For Me:

  • Keep me out of intense sun and rain when not in use
  • Please tighten my screws every 3-4 months as part of your regular bike maintenance

That’s it - too easy!

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