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Bio Glitter | Chunky | Day Dreamer

The Glitter Tribe
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Why do we love The Glitter Tribe Biodegradable Glitter?

All the sparkly glitter fun without the nasty micro plastics polluting our beautiful earth. Certified biodegradable glitter that is guaranteed to break down in nature and leave no trace. Use in your craft, face painting and our favourite activity...Potion Play!

How to use Biodegradable Glitter in your Potion Play?

Add some sparkle to your Potion Platter, you only need a couple of pinches for maximum glittery fun. We love to mix a dash with some Funfizz to make the most spectacular fizzy potion.

Not sure what a potion platter is and are looking for some inspiration? Have a squiz at one of our potions platters or a delightful tip on how to use biodegradable glitter in your potion play.

If you are a potion play novice check out some of our wonderful instagram posts below that will (hopefully) get your potion creativity flowing. 

Slow afternoon with Potion Play

How to make a fluffy bubbly potion.

Potion Platter inspiration!

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Want to know more about biodegradable glitter?

This is the glitter that was always staring out the window during math class.

It doesn’t matter now though. Look at it, so striking and sure of itself.

A rose gold swirled with mauve and turquoise.

Simply stunning.

What can you do with this fab glitter?

1) First some Aloe gel or lash glue, this sticks it to the skin

2) Swipe it on your cheekbones and give a little spin

3) Glide it on your eyelids, even sprinkle in your hair

4) Shake it on your body for some extra special flare

5) Add it to your craft kit so your goods are never plain

6) The only thing that stops you is your very clever brain!


Well because it's made from plants not plastic.

No matter where it ends up Mother nature will consume it within her ample bosom, and  break it down within 90 days.

It's Certified OK Biodegradable WATER, this means guaranteed biodegradation in a natural environment.