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Bio Road Vehicles

Tolo Toys
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Bioplastic vehicles. Perfectly sized for small hands!

This toy is designed to be durable, even in the most demanding of play environments. Its surface is smooth and shiny, with no sharp edges. Its plastics are also BPA and phthalate free. This means that every parent can rest, assured that the Bio Abacus Rattle is safe for children. Tolo Toys products really built to last.

Tolo Toys proudly holds ICTI Certification for Social and Environmental Accountability and ISO 9001 certification for its enduring quality standards. ICTI compliance reaffirms its ongoing commitment to ethical manufacturing practices. This includes support for fair labour regulation and employee health and safety in its global supply chain.

Product Size: Vehicles vary in length up to 9.5cm and height up to 8cm.

Recommended Age : 6+ Months