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Child Safe Knife | Sky Blue

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Introduce your picky eaters to the KiddiKutter Kid’s Kitchen Knife. Designed for little fingers, it’s a brilliant way to transform fussy eaters into ‘I made it myself’ diners. Bid farewell to mealtime struggles and embrace the era of culinary independence.

How it works:

KiddiKutter’s blade is serrated down the middle with rounded serrations that have no sharp edges. It works with a chopping or sawing motion that maintains contact with the food’s surface, reducing the effort required to slice, dice and chop smoothly.

KiddiKutter knives are completely safe for kids to use because they cut food, not fingers. (Go on, try and cut yourself with it. We know you’re dying to!)

Multi-award winning and used by kids around the world, KiddiKutter can safely, effectively slice anything from tomato to steak with ease, not accidents.

Product Details: 

  • Say more yes and less no = happy kids and relaxed parents
  • Bright, fun and easy-grip

  • Minimalistic style suits all aesthetics

  • Builds independence, motor skills, hand and eye coordination

  • Encourages healthy eating and a positive food relationship

  • Versatile for spreads, meal prep and cutlery at the dinner table

  • Serrated, rounded teeth have no sharp edges to cut hands

  • Stainless steel blade designed for years of use

  • Suitable for left and right handers

  • Supports STEAM framework used in schools

  • Handwash only (little ones love learning to wash up!)

  • Blade length 9cm, handle length 9cm, total length 18cm

  • Suitable for age 3+