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Colourful Marbling Workshop

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An activity to learn how to marble the paper with coloured inks. Children can explore the technique as they complete the animals of the 4 paintings with stickers that they have "printed" themselves. They can pour the inks drop by drop then mixes them: they will observe the colours intertwine without blurring. They can then deposit the stickers on the surface of the bath to transfer the patterns to the paper. The patterns created are transferred to the paper as if by magic. 

Contents: 4 illustrated boards (21 x 28 cm), 44 stickers to "print", 1 plastic tray, 5 bottles of coloured inks (green, orange, black, blue, brown) + 1 transparent, 4 sachets of powder for bath preparation, 6 sticks, and 1 step-by-step colour booklet.

Suitable for ages: 7+ years