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Dragon Egg Lantern

Little Belle Nightlights
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Little Belle Nightlights - Dragon Egg Carry Lantern with remote control - White & Gold.

Switch on the night light and weave some folklore into your bedtime routine.

Let the reassuring glow of our Little Belle Dragon Egg Carry Lantern comfort your little one to sleep. or if they wake in the night.

Perfect for camping trips! Help your little one feel comfortable in a new environment, ready bedtime stories or sneak to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Product Details:

Size: Height: 18.5cm, Width: 14.5cm

Material: PVC

Contents: Nightlight, Remote Control, USB cord, instruction manual.

LED Light:

Rechargeable up to 15 hours with USB cable (included), or leave it plugged in for constant power.

Warm white glow or multi coloured light options - Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink & Blue.

Remote control (within 2 metres) - dimmer, colour selection, 15/30/60 min timer, 'breathing mode' & 'flickering mode'.

Power button located at the base of the nightlight allows choice between dim-white/bright- white, colour changing and colour selection.


Little Belle nightlights are made with our littlest customers in mind!

Little Belle bulbs are custom made and use low wattage LED that do not heat so are always safe to touch.

Tested for photobiological risk, our lights are exempt from Blue light, UV, and infrared radiation so do not upset important sleep patterns.

CE and UKCA marked and tested to conform to Australian, New Zealand, UK, & EU safety standards