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Dress-Up | Superhero

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In the Land of Fabelab all kids are superheros! To get into the true character of a superhero, the little ones needs a cool superhero cape and mask.

Fabelab has made a comfortable dress-up set from 100 % organic cotton in all black fabric with gold thread embroidery and small ears. 

Superhero costume to the rescue! If you haven't found the outfit for this year's Halloween or the next costume party, Fabelab's Dress-up Superhero set is perfect for your little one. It's fun to be a superhero if even just for a day.

Put on Fabelab's Superhero set and be prepared to uphold all that is good and right and get ready to catch the villain to save the day!

This Superhero dress-up set is made for many hours of make-believe and adventures and is an easy fit dress-up set for all the little superheros out to save the day.

Size: 3-6y

Material: 100% Organic Cotton and eye mask has Polyurethane foam inside

Set Includes:

  • Face Mask
  • Cape with Hood
  • 2 x Arm Cuffs