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Electric Plane Launcher

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Ready for take off!  Discover how spinning motors and pulley wheels can launch a paper plane at up to 40 km/h. 

Build your paper plane launcher, try out some different paper plane designs and then launch them! Work out which designs fly furthest, fastest or do the best acrobatics!

The plane launcher uses two rotating wheels . A lot of energy is stored in the wheels when they are spinning. When you slip your paper plane in between, some of the energy is transferred to it and the plane is launched out at high speed.

You can adjust the height of the legs on the plane launcher to launch the planes at different angles.

An educational kit that demonstrates a scientific principle in a fun way. Assembly and operation of the toy should be supervised by an adult - they won’t be able to help themselves - who doesn’t love playing with paper planes, no matter what the age!

Produced by award-winning toy manufacturer 4M, leaders in STEAM toys for kids.

Educational but super fun nature of the toy makes it a winner with kids (and parents) - they don’t even realise they are learning science and engineering skills while they are building and playing with this toy.