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Hand Puppet | Baby Emperor Penguin

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Baby Emperor Penguin is the cutest ball of fluff around.  This hatchling of the largest living penguin species will take you on Antarctic adventures.  

Soft, fluffy body, detailed beak and feet with moveable wings.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Product Dimensions:

18cm L x 23cm H x 18cm W

About the brand - Folkmanis Puppets:

Since 1976, Folkmanis have delighted the imaginations of children with their range of speciality puppets. Their award-winning puppets encourage creativity and open-ended play, while building confidence in performance. These cuddly creatures and puppets are sure to win over your child’s heart.

Folkmanis puppets have won over the hearts of many, winning a large range of industry, child development and kid-tested awards.