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Medium Tip Acrylic Paint Pens | Glitters

Life Of Colour
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These set of 12 medium 3mm tip, Glitter effect acrylic paint pens to use on ANY surface!!! (eg. rocks, pots, clothes, leaves, tin, glass, paper, wood, canvas, polymer clay etc.)

Mess-free, non-toxic and odourless

Perfect for all ages. No set up required and no mess. Great for use outdoors. Take them on your next outdoor adventure. A great way to connect with your kids, friends or family

Set includes 12 vibrant, highly-pigmented, water-based paint pens filled with acrylic paint

Colours in this pack:

  • glitter gold
  • glitter silver
  • glitter brown
  • glitter copper
  • glitter grey
  • glitter red
  • glitter blue
  • glitter green
  • glitter pink
  • glitter orange
  • glitter yellow
  • glitter purple 

The 3mm medium tip nibs are perfect for larger coverage areas, small kids, and artists who love to paint on all surfaces

These paint pens are silk-matt, quick-drying and have an incredible opacity. The glitter effect is most effective on paper

Perfect for rock painting. Find craft rocks here.